Outerwood, outerlimit, outerwear –

The tree stops here.

Weathered, tethered to the earth

and rooted –

Perfectly booted and

suited to the wear and tear of life.

Crackled and fissured

Runneled and rucked

Facing the elements – first responder

Rugged protector.

Covering a world of rich complexion

A city of secrets and hidden connection.

Anchored and fast

Built to last

A stately finality and brimming reality.

Stretching up to the sky-life - the high life

Supporting all, in its wonder-realm

Always the mast and always the helm.

Standing stock still

Through the rain and the gale

A wrinkled sock, mossy and dark

Hosting more life in its seams and its cracks -

All the skin in the game

Of the tree it became.

From: The Poetry Lab

by Georgeanne

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