Dog Day Diaries 2:Well there's two of us, by Ted

Also introducing "The Zed of Ted"


Ted calling – I thought I would let you know that I have been busy thinking since our last chat. I find I do this more and more as the years pass even though I will never abandon the instinctive and spontaneous side of my character. Pooling these three qualities, I feel, guarantees a very well-balanced life. Anyway, having mulled over the matter carefully whilst meditating over a bone, I have decided to let you know that I have a small companion.

This creature goes by the name of Bridie and I have reliably overheard that she is a small, parti-poodle. However, if I may confide, she is actually a large piece of mischief, who bites my tail – which I do not like – and insists on tucking up with me in MY basket, which I secretly do like.

Please promise you will never allow her to know about this little preference; I know it would go straight to her head , ( I have a suspicion that she may have less brain fluff than me and therefore is capable of thinking more thinks than I.) This would undoubtedly lead to more efficient plotting on her part and possibly less tail on mine!!!

I suppose I ought to confess, also, that she can be fun. I canter about in the great outdoors and when I glance down, there she is by my side (to be truthful by my knees, as she is a very small being compared to me), whirring along, keeping up in grand style, always ready for the next big adventure. I only believe in big adventures….. because…. well - I’m big.

You see, I make a habit of  experiencing  life on the grand scale – everything I do is TREMENDOUS - just because I do it. I have a personal philosophy which is slowly evolving – I have named it ‘The Zedof Ted’. Sounds good, I think, and you might well give it some consideration. One insight that I can already share is that whatever I am doing and wherever I am doing it – it is absolutely and unquestionably, right there in the moment, the very best thing possible. This includes sleeping in disguise under the dining room curtainor staring at an item of furniture in a convincing, concentrated way. If, by some mischance, I find I could be doing something better, then I stop doing what I was doing and do something else – better. It never fails and I am to all intents and purposes  very happy in my own skin – as if anyone else’s would fit!!!  Anyway, I think if you Twoers tried living a bit more ‘Zed’ - things would go so much better for you too!

Whoah – it’s past time for a walk

Have to pop – no more talk

PS I’ll let Bridie introduce herself next time

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