Dog Day Diaries 3: Yip, It's me Bridie! By Bridie

Bonjour! Guten Tag! and Hello! This exotic introduction should tell you at once that I have an international pedigree – of which, I feel I am a wonderful ambassador. I pride myself on my antique heritage and, of course, my unquestionable intelligence. Please know that this last quality is rarely squandered on anything serious – I leave all the heavy thinking to my bed-chum Ted. I am a parti-coloured poodle ( black and white, of course ) and live a very determined Party-coloured life!

I can honestly say I find anything exciting and I register this at every opportunity by leaping up – as though on springs – as high as possible, which is quite high considering I am, myself, quite short. Hence the opening of the back door is often a two jump event whereas the opening of the treats bag is a three or four leap occasion. Then, of course, there is the jump for joy moment. But, naturally, my most jubilant springs are reserved for the welcome-back-through-the-front-door moments.

I have learned to meditate on the essential nature of myself from Ted (who I must say is a total expert in the field and spends many hours pondering on that and many other key philosophical questions). I have therefore concluded that I am not simply parti-coloured but also parti-natured.

As I have mentioned, I have enormous amounts of energy which remains undiluted on the longest walks and effective in games of chase and catch. However,  I can be the most relaxed, cuddly and affectionate creature there is.

From first arrival at Ted’s house I knew instinctively how to flop into the contours of the Two-ers that were now part of my family. This ability, I found, was beneficial to both parties. You see, I can adjust myself to fit in whether they are sitting straight, crumpled or stretched which I know they find engaging and, dare-I-say-it, comforting – which gives more chances to stay longer! 

Sadly, my best-chum-in-the-whole-wide-world, Ted, is just too big to manage this. The best he can do is sit with his perfected-pleading-look ( he has stunningly soulful eyes) and request attention that way – which is usually super successful. 

I must also mention that I have some great comic characteristics which I’d like to share.

Oh, but wait, ooh la la – avec regret, I must fly! I’ve spotted a squirrel on my garden fence and I shall have to remind it – that though I be but little, I am fierce! ( A nearly quote from Shakespeare!)

Zut alors and Meine Gutte – what am I like!

Ta Ta

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