June is a time of drifting feathers

Falling groundwards, to and fro

Softly as dreaming clouds

Under-downs, built for warmth

Cosy vests fluffed and full

Also fine for staying cool.

Others, mightier also swing

Aerodynamic masterpieces

That can bear their wearers thousands of miles

Refreshed – but not remastered

This year’s model the same as the last

A winning style from the distant past.

Waterproof, windproof, 100% breathable

Can’t be improved – totally reliable.

Ergonomically sleek, fitted and fine

To ride the winds and scoop the air

To tuck in neatly when at rest

Enfold their children in the nest

Clearly defining type and form

For birds, of course, a classic norm.

No carbon emissions, no pollution

For a bird in the air – an easy solution.

From: The Poetry Lab by Georgeanne

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