Let's Leave Earth 1. Gneiss and Tourmaline

Updated: May 31, 2019

[Interior. A narrow, high-ceilinged hallway. Oak-panels, tiled floor, shadows.]

Narrator It is very early in the morning…

Gneiss What’s your code name again?

Tourmaline Tourmaline. And yours?

Gneiss Gneiss.

Tourmaline Well, it’s very Gneiss to see you!

Gneiss You’re the first person to make that joke all day!

Tourmaline Am I?

Gneiss No.

Tourmaline Oh.

Gneiss It is though.

Tourmaline What?

Gneiss Nice to see you.

Tourmaline Yes, very nice. All a bit of a shock, this thing, how long have you known?

Gneiss Well, officially?

Tourmaline Officially.

Gneiss Hmm, about a week.

Tourmaline But you suspected longer?

Gneiss Well, I knew somethingwas up.

Tourmaline Oh yes, of course.

Gneiss I mean to say, they’d let us run out of office supplies.

Tourmaline As if that’s not a hint!

Gneiss Might as well put a sign on the door!

Tourmaline Even so…

Gneiss Yes even so…

Tourmaline When you got in last night, to this place…

Gneiss That briefing!

Tourmaline Never seen anything like it!

Gneiss And the people!


Tourmaline That one they’re calling Vapour – you know who that is?

Gneiss I know! Couldn’t believe it, passed the biscuits in person.

Tourmaline You don’t…

Gneiss What?

Tourmaline Well, you don’t think it’ll work, do you?

Gneiss The task force?

Tourmaline Yes.

Gneiss Well.

Tourmaline Well what?

Gneiss That’s the question.

Tourmaline Isn’t it just.

Gneiss You could say that the point of this group is to see if we can ask the question before we know if the answer’s possible, because we know what the answer is, so if the purpose of the group is to find the question and the group fails, then, you could say we’ll have our answer, to the question of the questions, not the real answered, we’ve already got that.

Tourmaline Well, exactly. Whatever the question is, we at least know the answer has to be “This is how we’d leave Earth.”

Gneiss That’s it. Even if the question shows, in the end, that we can’t.

Tourmaline Even then, the answer’s the same. “This is how we’d leave Earth” with illustration of a failed colony, would still be, you know, as much of an answer as the version that has an illustration of a thriving colony on Mars.

Gneiss It all depends on the questions.


Narrator Gneiss and Tourmaline have been in the group session all night. They are tired, but pleased to see each other as they’ve worked together before. It was an instructive first session, as no questions were asked, but the needed answer swiftly found. Just to be sure, the group tested their process and found the answer several times again over six hours. This was reassuring because all those people who thought they understood the first time, knew they did by the end.

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