Guest Book Review:Foraging with Kids by Adele Nozedar

This is an excellent and quite beautiful book designed for families to get back to nature and enjoy eating beautiful, free, natural edibles. Adele is a passionate forager, and runs courses in the Brecon Beacons on how to safely identify the best things to eat, and decided to share her knowledge with everyone. 

This book came to our attention when Adele came to our shop to take a horde of local children foraging and brewed up a berry cordial intended to ward off colds and sniffles upon their return! It's the first, and so far only time, we've allowed flames and cooking around our precious books!

Pitched at adults and their children this book is fun and practical. Starting with some tips on how to be safe and how to learn (and create your own!) names for various plants, flowers and berries, the book is then divided into 52 different edible items to get you started. There are clear detailed ink drawings of the edibles to help in identification, and mouth watering recipes and useful health remedies for the family to make. From Cauliflower Funghi Cheese, Pineapple Weed Ice Lollies all the way through to Conker Soap, you will put what you find to great use. 

Adele's writing style is friendly but factual and very readable. The step by step instructions are very clear and can be followed easily. More importantly you come away from reading this with a real zeal to get into the wild and find things for yourself. Learning about nature has never been so mouthwatering!

Heartily recommended. 

by James Cross of Rogan's Books

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