The Universe Next Door 2) Wow! by A

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Dear Q,

Wow! This is unexpected, I must say – seriously cool. I was just getting ready to go out when your letter popped through the front door. I don’t at all understand what’s going on here and I’m just hoping you’re not some weirdo or a stalker or a dark web monster or some other creepy thing. Anyway, I’ll put that on one side just now and go down the road with you a little bit on this. But, be aware – I am on the alert for any funny stuff!

So, I completely agree with your take on Earth – or the Old Girl as I like to think of her – it’s an extraordinary place – I really like it, I like living here and I’d like to save it – but what to do???

Here I am, one solo person watching with degrees of horror whilst we trash ourselves  and everything else into the bargain. It’s so overwhelming, and that’s part of the problem, if I may confide. There are so many things I care about and want fixed that aren’t being addressed which makes me feel incredibly sad but I just feel stuck – I think I have “issue overload” and I’m certainly not alone in that. So, the only way I can feel better is to distract myself by buying things and spending time online.

Sounds like your place is a bit of an effort, though – so I think you’ll understand when I say that lots of us are just exhausted by all the tough stuff we’re bombarded with all the time. So  that’s why I hide in distraction – which feels fine for a while – but if I’m honest just leaves me with an empty feeling afterwards. I think lots of people feel like me – we’d like to save our world, for all the reasons you mention but maybe it’s just too hard and anyway – we don’t know how.

Writing all this down, I realise it sounds a bit feeble, maybe I should join something – but again, what? Anyway, I’ll leave that for the moment. I don’t quite know what to do with this letter now  I’ve finished – maybe I’ll try putting it through the letterbox and see what happens.

Thanks for writing

Yours Three-dimensionally


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