The Universe Next Door 3) Good to Hear Back by Q

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Hello A,

Good to hear back from you. How’s the weather over there? (I believe that’s an important  question to get things going in your world – in mine it has no real meaning as the weather is controlled by a cycle of variance within two enigma calibrations.)

Anyway, I’m not, as yet, clear what a ‘dark web-monster’ is  but I’ll look out for further references – however I think it’s doubtful that I would fall into any of the categories that you fear as all concepts of fear and malevolence have been eradicated from our psy-keys.

So – onward!

As I mentioned I decided to use my inter-dimensional multi-glass to take a closer look at all your doings on Terra Firma. I hope you won’t be offended if I say that it’s pretty horrific close up, although there are some patches of sunlight that give me hope. I’ve certainly seen a growing number of groups developing that are eager to protect the planet and head for a much more sustainable form of living. The most exciting thing is that your younglings are beginning to take a lead on things. This is where you human beings are so full of pleasant surprises – just when it seems that everything is hopeless, something will emerge that can real changes. If your young people can recognise there’s a problem that  needs fixing because their whole future will be affected by it – their requirement for action is pretty powerful stuff. Let me just say – I am heartened.

I have also been examining your peoples’ structures from what you call ‘early times’ – I can hardly credit that you’ve been ‘ascendant’ for so short a while and yet made such a mess already! We’ve been around for mega-lecs longer and generally consider quite carefully any new ideas before launching off. For example – this ‘fracking’ thing that’s been developed – has there been any thought about the long-term toxic impact on the microbiome? I THINK NOT. (You tend not to consider shit like that :))

I also notice that you have divided your world by direction, race, gender and philosophy – I suppose you could say that your societal structures are based and therefore limited by division. Why divide a sphere into North, South, East and West, is one little query that pops into my cellular grain? But hey ho – maybe it’s an early effort to minimise options to be able to function in an extraordinary multi-optional space. Hopefully your conceptuals will expand on this as you progress to greater creative understanding and flow. But I digress,(it is one of my many little grain-blots) – how many soul-secs do you really think it will take to make a critical improvement to your planet’s trajectory? This is crucial.

Also, we must certainly explore further all this division business in more detail and perhaps come up with some helpful forward strategies. Division is now outmoded, unification is the new black, as they say. You see, I’m concerned for you over the ‘issue overload’ you describe. I now regard you as a friend and so I will consider carefully options that may relieve your distress. I understand the concept and I’m convinced overcoming fear and division will be part of the a solution. I therefore leave you on a positive note – C sharp - haha – nothing like a good musical joke eh?

Yours compassionately,


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