The Universe Next Door 4) You Got My Letter by A

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Wow Q!

You got my letter – that’s amazing! How did it work – is there some kind of inter-stellar mail transport system or something? Hmm – I suppose you could still be some creepy character that busts open post boxes and snatches people’s letters, but that seems pretty unlikely really. So, I’ll hang my suspicious nature out to dry for now and enjoy this – whatever this is!

I have to confess, it’s a relief to talk over a couple of issues with someone who’s a bit more objective than some of my friends. To be honest, I’ve given up talking to them about real things because it just gets us into arguments or even more confused than we were before we started. You see, we’re all quite young and we feel we’ve inherited problems and a difficult 'Future', (bleak if I’m really honest ), that could have been less bad if the people before us had done things differently.

So, now, we’re stuck in a tangled chaos which nobody much knows how to fix. It feels like all the wrong rubbish is being prioritised and the real issues are being smothered. I’m not surprised that you can see a mess from way out there – it just makes me feel more sad, actually. I hope you can also see why lots of us choose to ignore it all and concentrate on games, streaming , social media and stuff like that. It’s all just a necessary distraction – a kind of life-line, I suppose. Plus if you don’t do ‘stuff like that’ you either fall back into all the

really gloomy things or you go down ‘Slope Depression’. That leaves you kinda damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Woops! I’ve really got carried away here! Maybe we should talk about the weather – eh – it’s pretty warm here just now – has been for weeks. This is not normal but most folk seem pretty happy with it. I hope it’s warm where you are too.

Have a great day

Yours Kinda Sad


(PS I think the North, South, East, West thing was just a way of helping ships ship around in the right direction)

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