The Universe Next Door 5) Good to be Properly in Touch by Q

Hello A, over there and great to hear from you!

Good to be in touch regularly don’t you think?

I was very much interested by your last letter as it seemed to me that it described a big problem that needs addressing – this ‘stuff culture’ that I think is maybe distracting you from the very real crisis you and your planet are facing right now. I do understand the underlying feelings but I also think this is a Shake and Wake moment where so much can be done if you all just focus. I believe that in your magic circles it’s known as misdirection; this is when something is done to distract your concentration from the focus point and lets the trick happen to amaze you. In this case though, the focus point is the climate melt-down that the ‘tricksters’ don’t want you to see. They want to distract you, and themselves very often, away from the real dangers which are going to need a lot of thought and work and changes, so that instead you’ll all stay within your current comfort zone. I don’t want to sound gloomy – but that approach won’t work for much longer.

I would suggest that you should break through the ‘trick’ and bring your considerable mind-gig to the problem really at hand. I have to confess, I am quite jealous of your snappy synapse protocols that allow you to think things through with no outward energy apparatus. We, on the other hand, must use solar insurgencies to receive sufficient trill-boosts to power our meta-thought processes. Ok, I know, not really a biggie but it can slow us down sometimes when quick-thinking would be so novel(and handy). I believe some of our more advanced personnel can occasionally achieve it – but that may be just a stellar myth.

Enough though! Just please bring your mighty muscular mind to this discussion and don’t indulge in serial excuse generation. I appreciate that you have inherited mighty difficulties – but consider – every generation has had its fears and endured dreadful prospects, do not be daunted, there is still time. Think of the peoples who are committed to making a difference, often those in parts of the world which have been most exploited and harmed, yet they stand and fight; first nation, indigenous folk who have every reason to give up and turn away, people who knew and still know how to live in partnership with your planet. If they can do it – so can you!

But wait – that all sounds a bit lecture-ish and being a being of light, I must endeavour to keep our correspondence light as best I can. So, eh, let’s see.. I very much like your Mr Attenborough – he certainly has a mighty muscular mind and tells it like it is but also knows how to help people become so much more engaged. Take heart, my friend, there are many, many people out there who are making changes. You can join their merry band, make a start – remember ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ So take a step – maybe change your diet away from meat. I know this is easy for me to say, as we have perfected Direct Import Circular Electrical Energy Systems or Dicees as we like to call them, that we absorb whilst we sleep which is a very different arrangement from yours. But every system can adapt for the better – this is the key – don’t resist change as long as it’s for the better and I can assure you a vegetarian/vegan general diet would be much better for everyone concerned. Research a few recipes – I think you’ll be surprised.

I will leave you with the happy prospect of finding new and delicious foods to eat.

Yours Diceely


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