The Universe Next Door 6) It's kind of you but...

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

by A

Hi Q!

It’s really kind of you to try and cheer me up but, to be honest, I think I probably do need a lecture about our track record so far with our planet. To be truthful, I don’t like to look, it’s so upsetting. Basically, the Past is depressing and the Future looks grim so I prefer to stay here in the Now of it all and try not to think about it. I know you think it’s just an excuse but for me it’s a survival strategy! I also know that I need to jig myself out of it because there are things to be done and maybe I can help and maybe that’ll actually make me feel better.

Now I come to think of it – a few of my friends have been talking about sustainable living but, to be honest, I’ve just wanted to hang out and have a laugh mostly so I haven’t paid much attention. But now that you’re on the scene I’m wondering if maybe I should.

And it’s also occurring to me that as well as all the rubbish stuff we do – we also do some pretty amazing things as well – have you seen The Angel of the North, for example, or heard of Rosa Parks or the Berlin Wall coming down? Just thinking about things that have made a difference in such a variety of ways is very heartening. So - wow! I’ve cheered myself up – maybe I’ve cheered you too! In fact, I’ve kinda given myself my own lecture – whoa Q! Thanks so much.

So, it's decided then - I think I’ll just pop out and see some mates and find out a bit more about what their sustainable thing is. Also, I’m still mulling over your suggestion about dropping meat – I’m thinking I might try it for a week and see how I get on. What d’you think? Suddenly life seems a bit more exciting – maybe even hopeful!

But, how are things with you in your place – wherever you are? It must be pretty cool spyin’ about the universe the way you do! Are there many planets like mine dotted about or are they mostly more like yours???

Anyway, better take off I think,

Yours - possibly-more-positive


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