The Universe Next Door 7)What a Letter by Q

Hi A,

Wow! What a letter! I am really impressed – but can I just clear something up quickly – when you say you’re going to see some mates – do you mean:

1/ You are intent on using your conjugal apparatus?

2/ You are on a mission to select a suitable partner for creating further examples of your species?

3/ You are on a mission to claim multiple partners to increase the likelihood that your genes will predominate in your local area?

4/ Some other application of the phrase which I have not, as yet, encountered?

I shall look forward to the forthcoming enlightenment!

Anyway,I am very heartened to hear that you are becoming a little more focussed on the problems at hand. I completely agree that your historical track record is unbearable at times and then at others very inspiring. But all that needless pain and destruction! And to what end?? It all seems such a huge waste of energy – and you have so much need of it elsewhere.

In my world, all the available energy not used for powering our meta-systems is trans-iterated into making better versions of what we truly value – thus our culture is resplendent with non-pixelated grain images from our greatest artists and our atmosphere sparkles with multi-crystalled tones of celestial harmonics. Therefore, as you can see, we have our cultural priorities in the ascendant with much to look forward to.

Setting this aside,however, I am very aware of the creative excellence you are capable of – I have looked closely at many, many examples of this across your time and cultural inter-space. This, I have to say, contributes to my frustration that your ingenuity and undoubted talents are so taken up with the machinery of war and destruction – war on each other, war on Nature and war on the Planet.

As an impartial observer, may I suggest that you use very flawed and outdated criteria to select your leaders. They have rarely,(and I concede there have been exceptions)been people of quality with honesty and vision, who have had the best interests of your planet,(your only home)at heart. And even those who have attempted it, are either stopped by the intervention of opposing and powerful interest groups or are diverted by loyalty to one ideological group or another.

Some of these ideologies are tremendously toxic. Currently, for example, I would even go as far as to say that Neoliberalism is actually the pandemic that you have been fearing would arrive and destroy much of humanity. It has crept in under the radar and spread like a virus to infect all your economics and justify an outrageous selfishness, serving the few at the expense of the many and basically encouraging exploitation and the squandering of resources to an almost untenable degree.

As I write, I can view your greatest leaders in a multi-time kaleidoscope and also the many plotters who sought and seek their downfall. You most definitely need new criteria and a different system of selection.

Step one, I think, would be for everyone to embrace the fact that there really is enough for all – and to spare – on your incredibly generous world. Obviously, there needs to be adjustment to better understand and manage your living models. You also need to better understand the tremendous responsibility you have to nurture and maintain all the myriad life forms that share your home and contribute to your survival and well-being.

But in actual terms, you want for nothing– there is no shortage of anything actually necessary for life - and a very good life.

I can also assure you that, to date at least, I have found no other planet quite like yours – you are unique.

Consider that.. so wonderfully unique

Your friend


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