The Universe Next Door 9)Things Are Moving Forward! by Q

My Dear Good Friend,

Thank you for the explanation of some of your more unusual terms of friendship. Most interesting to see in practice how a language can develop beyond anything I could have predicted!

But onward – we have far more important things to dwell upon and engage our mighty muscular minds or our cortextual-seed-burst-launch-pad as I like to think of it.

First, I must say – well done and bravo!!!

Everything is moving along nicely in your neck of the woods from what you’ve been telling me. Real progress – I hope your friends think so too. The most important thing I can tell you now is:


These are very undermining thoughts and you must resist them at all costs. I have looked closely, as I have said, at your histories – all the dooms and delights – and I think I can say with some authority that every effort, however small, is worthwhile. Yes, big things need to be accomplished without question, and no-one achieves anything by themselves , buteveryeffort is beneficial and required. There is aggregate and like a snowball tumbling down a hill, effort gathers with effort to create effect.

There is a law which is universal: if you have a space – something will fill it. This is a truth which, I feel, your world has failed to grasp in all its enormity. For example, the concept of ‘outer space’ being largely empty is sadly misleading – just because you cannot detect anything does not mean that nothing is there. The whole idea of ‘empty’ is very strange to us, who fill all our availabilities with action and wonder and poetry. Your concepts seem to revel in the idea of a steady state of nothing.

There is an expression, I believe, of someone being a glass half full or half empty? It is a very poor descriptor, if you don’t mind me saying. In such a glass there are only different placements of content and energy – half visible and half less so. When a glass is half emptied, as it were, something different fills the space other than emptiness – and that different thing is not usually of your choosing. ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged’, as one of your great writers began, that if there is an opportunity, that opportunity will be taken.

So, going back to my original point – every effort is worthwhile, however small or grand in the bid to save your lovely world –

because to leave that effort undone will leave a space for something or someone else to fill that is not of your choosing and may drive to the very opposite of what you would wish and want to achieve.

THEREFORE, go forward knowing that you can make a difference, most especially by encouraging others to follow your lead.

One more thing though – please be aware that there are forces afoot that are determined to undermine your fragile democracies and replace them with what I perceive to be ruthless and treacherous elements. They brook no curtailment of their intentions and use emotional stress to mobilise support. They demonise to energise their cause. This is the sort of rabid philosophy that will fill any gap available.

So I say again –

Take heart

Move forward with confidence

And leave no space untended

And now I must away! I’m running low on my SENFLOW quota which is what maintains my cortextual continuity – you understand I know.

All the very best to you and your ‘mates’

Update me soon

Power to your impetus


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