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In Autumn 2014 I first seriously started to write a book.

It is called The Cadet and is the first part of a three-volume eco epic that I am still working on - The Lores of Nature. It is about the environment, it is about Green politics, it is about the future, it is a sci-fi thriller and it is the coming-of-age story of a young woman called Arnive Jacques.

I have also worked on other projects since then, including Guide the Wild and the clothing collectiong we've built with Teemill.

You can read my work here on The Climate Times. My Storm Cupboad series is about living the era of the Climate Crisis and the various ways we can choose to find this time of troubles empowering, enlivening and a source of motivation.

You can find me @scottemilyrose on Instagram and @scott_emilyrose on Twitter. I'd be thrilled to hear from you - I like to chat about all things literary and environmental!

Emilyrose Scott
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